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Engineering mathematics

Engineering mathematics(also called Mathematical Engineering) is a branch of Applied Mathematics Concerning matematical methods and techniques that are typically used in engineering and industry.Historcally,engineering mthematics consisted mostly of applied analysis ,most notably:differential equations;real and complex analysis(including vector and tensor analysis);approximation theory (broadly constructed,to include asympotic,variation and perturbative methods,representation,numerical analysis);Fourier analysis;potential theory;as well as linear algebra and applied probability,outside of analysis.

Engineering Physics
Engineering Physics is the study of the combined disciplines of physics,engineering and mathematics in order to develop an understanding of the interrelationships of these three disciplines.Fundamental physics is combinesed with problem solving and engineeing skills,which then has broad applications.EEngineering Physics degrees are respected academic degrees awarded in many countries.It is notable tahet in many languages the term for "engineering physics" would be directly translated into English as "Technical Physics". 
Engineering Chemistry 
Chmistry is a branch of science that has been around for a long time.In fact,Chemistry is known to date bac to as far as the perhistoric times.The impotance of chemistry is that it's the study of you and the world around you.How do they work ? Everyone can and should understand basic chemistry ,but it may be important to take a course in chemistry or even make a carreer out of it.
Human value & Professional Ethics
The Subject that enable us to understand 'what is valuable' for human happiness is called value education.Need for value education is:
1.Correct identification of our aspirations.
2.Understanding universal human values to fulfil our aspirations in continuity.
3.Complementarity of values and skills. 
4.Technology and human values. 
Communicative English
Communicative Language teaching CLT is usually charcterized as a broad approach teaching ,rather than as a teaching method with a clearly defined set of classroom practices.As such ,it is most often defined as a list of general principles or features as follow:
1.An Emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language.
2.The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation.
3.The provision of opportunities for learners too focus ,not only on langauge but also on teh learning process itself. 


The department was established in 2010 and offers four years in computer science and engineering and degree in computer science and engineering. The department possesses the qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty .A part from the teaching and academic activities the faculty of the department is actively involved in research work .Core competencies of the department are in the area of image processing, complier design, network security, data mining, parallel computing and web development etc.
We all faculty ,staff and students of computer science and engineering department believe in bright tomorrow, filled with zest for innovation and celebrating life in its fully glory, empowered by technical expertise, know how skills and humaneness. 
Development of human resources in the field of computer science and engineering to serve the cause of nation. Creation of a sustain learning environment for acquiring technical knowledge and professional application of the same in the domain of computer science and engineering.
Inculcating amongst our students a deep understanding of the fundamental principles, concepts and practice in computer science and engineering.
Creating conductive environment for innovation to translate theoretical knowledge into practical applications.
Preparing budding computer engineers to meet the ever increasing technological and social challenges with its traditions of self discipline , hard work, all round personality development and a creative approach to problems.
Maintaining accountability towards our profession through process of self evolution and continuous improvement. 
To prepare students for successful careers in national and multi- national companies engaged in field of software/hardware/database etc.
To develop the ability among students to understand and synthesize data/information and technical concepts.
To prepare students to be able to work as part of teams on multi-disciplinary projects involving professional ethics and codes of professional practice. 
To develop the ability among the students for taking research/teaching assignment.  


Vision of the Department

The Vision of ECE Department is to have in-depth knowldge of the core values to the learners and to satabilsh the centre for academic Excellence in advanced research with professional global competence by inculcating the knowledge and the technical skills in shaping the future in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering .

Mission of the Department 

The Department of Electronics and Commmunication Engineering is committed to provide quality professional education to aspiring engineers.The Mission of the Department is to faciliate young nututre career improvement and develop human and social intellectual qualities necessary for the successful practice of the profession.The department has well experienced and dedicated faculty members and aims to impart sound knowledge and awareness in the trends in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. 

Programme Education Objective 

Electronic Engineering involoves the design and testing of electronic circuits that use the properties of components such as resistors,capacitors,inductors,diodes and transistors to achieve a particular funactionality.
The Deaprtment has laboratories which provide the students with sufficient backing of practical knowldge,besides encouraging them to try out their innovtive research laboratories.These laboratories provide facilities in the areas of Electronic Circuits,Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits,Microprocessors,Micro controllers,VHDL and Digital Signal Processing .The laboratories are also equipped with the latest versions of software like Xilinx,Edwin Xp and Matlab.


Mechanical engineering, broadest of all engineering discipline. It deals with design and production of tools , machines, and all other mechanical equipment used in any industry. Mechanical engineers use the principles of mathematics , material science, physics and economics to design , manufacture and maintain all the mechanical equipments mechanical engineering is concerned with all types of machinery in industries and all aspects of their mechanisms and functioning , design , development , construction , production , installation , operation and maintenance; such as large steam and gas turbines , components of thermal power stations , internal combustion engines , jet engines, machine tools , air conditioning and heating machines , refrigerators etc to name a few. They not only design and create new products , but also develop materials for them and ways of making them.
Mechanical engineers can find the opportunities in any of the following categories : Design/Product Development/Manufacturing/Production Planning/Quality Control Engineers in industries like- Automobile , Aircraft , Earthmovers & Heavy Engineering Equipments , Power Plants , Robotics and Instrumentation , Refrigeration & Air-conditioning , Construction/ Structural , Research & Development Engineer Testing , Maintenance & Repair Engineer in Automobile or Heavy Engineering Industry Software Engineer IT industry. The department has contributed in a big way to the society by providing technical man power for various fields in India and abroad. At present, the department is proud to get best merit students in the region. The faculty of the department continuous to provide new frontiers of technical knowledge to the students by imparting equality education and research.


Civil Engineering is one of the most traditional engineering studies in India.British started very good schools for civil engineering studies and successfully completed some of the best public projects like Ganga canal and India's Railway network to name few.In the first yuear of study students will learn about the basic engineering techniques along with matheaticsand enginering design.From second year students will be more focused towards core subject studies.Few of the subjects taught in theser fours years are Fluid Mechanics,Design of structures,and Structural mecahnics and water Reource Engineering,Remote Sensing ,Transportation System Engineering etc. A Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering will give good oppotunities in industry as India is moving fast forward for infrastructure development and at the same time leave a good space for higher studies at home and abord loke MS in civil engineering. 
CORE Companies For Civil Engineers:
Associated Engineering Consultants,Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Railways,Engineers India Ltd.DRDO,ISRO,SERC and Jaypee Groupm are to name few companies and orghanisations that offers jobs to civil engineering students. 
Civil Engineering is a professional Engineering discipline that deals with the design,construction,maintenance of yhe physical and naturally built environment ,including works such as bridges,roads,canal,dams and buildings.We started the Civil Engineering branch in the tyaer 2010.The aim of the department is to impart quality eduction and groom budding civil engineers to be effective contributor to the society,nation and the world as a whole.Faculty as well students in the department, are encouraged to keep themselves abreast with latest advancements in he field of civil engineering through various activities at academic front.Department provides ample opportunities to its students for developng their organization skills and personality through various co-curricular activities. 
1.Concrete Lab
2.Structural Mechanics Lab
3.Fluid Mechanics Lab
4.Computer Aided Design Lab
5.Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical
6.Environment Engineering Lab
7.Transportation and Highway Engineering Lab 


The field of electrical engineering (EE) is the place to be in for those who love electrical system ranging from heavy power generators to the smallest of micro-chips. This department infuses the design , manufacture, installation, operation and management of electrical system that strengthen modern economics and contribute to improve the quality of life. Electrical engineers are working today in all areas of our modern information society. Employment perspective are excellent as not only in India, but also in Europe and the united state of America, where there is a shortage of qualified electrical engineers. From the production of power in power plants and the distribution in high power networks to the customers with his PC, in his household or office, it is electrical engineering that influences our daily life in most pleasant ways.
The electrical engineering department was established in 2012 in St Soldier institute of engineering and technology (SSIET) and it prepare the student in this field using new-age information and computer intensive technologies.
To create professional Electrical engineers, who can serve in the field of core electrical engineering, information and communication systems and other related fields . The various practical laboratories which have been set up in electrical engineering department are:
Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab
Power Electronics & Drives Lab
Instrumentation and Measuring Devices
Power System Lab
Control System Lab
Electronic Circuits Lab
Electrical Machines Labs I & II
Electrical Measurement Lab 


Tool engineering is a division of industrial engineering whose function is to plan the processes of manufacture, develop the tools and machines, and integrate the facilities required for producing particular products with minimal expenditure of time, labour, and materials. Tool engineers can find job opportunities in Tool Detailers, Product Drafters, Entry - Level Tool Designers, CAD Operators and Other Technical - related positions. Well trained and qualified tool engineers occupy important positions of responsibility with good scope for career enhancement in manufacturing industries. Tool Engineering Graduates an opportunity to acquire advanced skills and knowledge relating to Tool Design and Manufacturing with extensive exposure to CAD / CAM / CAE and GD&T to meet the growing demands of the industries. 
Our mission is to create an ambience through which Well Disciplined, Quality and Creative Tool Engineering Professionals of tomorrow emerge.
To be an academic Institution in the field of Tool Engineering striving continuously for excellence in providing well trained Tool Engineering Professionals to the Society. 


Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles. It incorporate elements of mechanical, electrical, software and safety engineering as applied to design and manufacture buses, bikes, trucks and other vehicles and machines. The course in Automobile Engineering deals with the creation and maintenance of automobiles, starting from designing the vehicles to manufacturing components, assembling and testing them for safety 
?To create professionals who contribute significantly to the design, re-design, research & development in the Automotive industry along with their noteworthy contributions in developing the society through continuous learning ? teaching methodology of the faculty.? 
?To be the numero uno in Automobile engineering such that the students are the best in the world and the contributions and the entrepreneurial activities of the department, will be a game-changer in the Automotive Industry."