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I.K Gujral Punjab Technical University (PTU) was established in the Year 1997 under the Punjab Technical University Act, 1996(Punjab Act No. 1 of 1997) to provide for the establishment and incorporation of a University for the advancement of technical education and developement thereof in the State of Punjab and for matters connected therewith. In pursuance of this Act, the University started its journey with 09 engineering colleges and few management colleges affiliated to it. Since then, the University has come a long way and during this Academic Session 2014-15, the University has affiliated 107 engineering Colleges, 140 Management and Computer Application courses, 33 institutions imparting Pharmacy education, 06 colleges imparting Hotel Management education, 08 Colleges providing Architecture Education and 21 Regional Centre for M.Tech and Ph.D in different branches of Engineering and Management and 01 Regional Centre for M.Pharmacy. More then 2100+ Learning Centres of PTU are providing professional education through Distance Learning all over the Country and abroad.

All the time of the University , the students were doing their engineering courses from the University of other states. PTU achived that height & glory because of which it became successful in winning the faith of the students. At present, after 15 year of its existance, PTU is providing education to approximately 5 lac students in the fields of Engineering, Management, Architecture and Pharmacy. This number includeds 50 percent students form the states other than Punjab
We, at Punjab Technical University, are propelled by the vision and wisdom of our leaders and are continously striving to discharge our duties for the overall improvement of quality of education and to make sure that the courses we offer remain relevant to our society and usefull to our students in the globalized work environment.


St. Soldier Educational Society has its roots long back to the year 1958. Now, St. Soldier Educational Society has become Northern India?s Leading Educational Group with more than 40000+ students are acquiring education from Pre-Nursery to Post Graduation in the multi faculty campuses spread over in 250 acres of land. St. Soldier Educational Society has established 31 schools and 19 colleges within a spell of 15 years and emerged as pioneer educational group in the name and style of St. Soldier Group of Institutions, under the leadership of its worthy Chairman Mr. Anil Chopra and under the able guidance and administration of its respected Vice-Chairperson Mrs. Sangeeta Chopra. St. Soldier Group of Institutions is flourishing with leaps and bounds and tends to imbibe in its students the value of self- discipline, decision making, cultural closeness along with moral and ethical values. St. Soldier Educational Society always provides to its students the world class infrastructure, modern lab equipments, comfortable hostels, transport and other facilities in order to make their stay very congenial and pleasant in each of its institutes. This Educational Society has vision, mission and deep scanning in hearts and minds to provide best quality education through brilliant, qualified and experienced faculty. In fact, St. Soldier Educational Society is sincerely devoted to the cause of education. (St. Soldier? the name is synonymous with the ?Sant Sipahi? as Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Tenth Guru, is popularly remembered?. He sought to establish a class-less society, and following his teachings we are making humble efforts to bring about an equitable mobilization in the field of education. We are constantly and ceaselessly trying to live up to the humane ideas propagated by the great Guru.) With a VISION What Starts With Us Changes The World This group presently is a multi-faculty educational group running all type of Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Hotel Management, B.Tech (in all streams), MBA, BBA, MCA, B. Pharmacy, D. Pharmacy, BHM, M.Sc. and B.Sc. and many others to name few here.

Head Office: 680-L Model Town, Jalandhar City (Punjab) INDIA
0181-4692000 (Extensions 30-52)
Mr. Anil Chopra (Chairman)
Ms. Sangeeta Chopra (Vice Chairperson)


St. Soldier Institute of Engineering & Technology , Jalandhar was established in the year 2010 under the aegis of Mr. Anil Chopra,Chairman of the Managing committee of St. Soldier Educational Society.The institute is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Punjab echnical University, Jalandhar.This is the first degree level engineering Institute started by the St.Soldier Educational Society.The St.Soldier Educational Society is perhaps the largest non-government educational organization in North India,managing a chain of 50 institutions.The Institute is located in the north of city on a prime piece of land adjacent to"The national Institute of Technology" Jalandhar on the right side of Jalandhar-Amritsar National Highway spread over an area measuring about 35 acres with extremely beautiful landscape.SSGI plans to carry original research and technology development at the cutting edge of significance to the Northern India region.It will impart training to the students to make them competent,motivated engineers and scientists.The Institute intends not only to cultivate freedom of thought,cultivate vision and encourage growth,but also inculates human values and concern for the environment and the society. St.Soldier Educational Society initates to create is not only Wi-Fi enabled but has also been equipped with CCTV cameras to keep a watch on undesirable activities by rowdy elements.Most modern and state of the art E-class rooms have been designed and constructed which are provided with LCD projectors and ergonomically designed seating to make lectures more informative,educative and interesting

Our Mission

The Vision of St. Soldier Educational Society is: ?To develop all its institutions as Centers of Excellence in their respective field of education, and to turn its dream into reality by getting its campus developed and approved as a Deemed university in near future?, so as to spread its mission of imparting value based quality education in emerging disciplines throughout India & Abroad.

The Mission of St. Soldier Educational Society is:?To impart Value based Quality Education in emerging disciplines with the aim of producing world class professionals with broad based foundation, in depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenge of Global Economy, sustaining their ethical and moral values.?

Chairman's Message

To keep pace with the competitiveness which has emerged in today?s high-tech need to acquire not only the knowledge of technology but also the modern professional skills to get absorbed with the demanding environment to augment the managerial and technical talent of the youth.
The vision of the institute is to emerge a center of Excellence in all facets of education routed in Indian ethos and society values. The institute aims at enabling the youth to tap their potential and nurture it through required academic atmosphere, serene surrounding and state of-art-infrastructure so that they can have the satisfaction of achieving best of their capabilities. The focus of all our institutions is to prepare the next generation of global professionals & technocrats to accept the challenges of today and tomorrow in Indian and global settings. The day isn?t far off when the institute will have students from not only from all corners of India but from abroad too.

St. Soldier Group of Institutions is synonymous with "Excellence" in the field of educations and believes in Total Education which strives to create professionals who are not only creative and innovative in thinking, but also are trained to complete internationally and are competent and skill enough in using knowledge and information to make positive contribution in the global areana. Engineering & management Technologies are bound to play very dynamic role in the further development of the nation. St.Soldier Institute of Engineering & Technology(SSIET) under the able guidance, skilled management and leadership of St. Soldier Educational Society with dedicated faculty, most modern infrastructural facilities, laboratories, playgrounds and other facilities including internet connectivity for communication, is all set to create progressive and forward looking human resources to meet the emerging national and International scenario. Thus, There is a great potential for employment in these sectors not only in India but also around the world. In additions, their are requirements of good governess, terror and corruption free environment because this will only ensure positive attitude of growth and maintains human tempo and nation's progress in the right direction.

St. Soldier Educational Society

Vice Chairperson's Message

In an ambience of moral decline, only a rigteous institution can play an eloquent role in guiding the future of knowledge seekers, Investing the learners with wisdom and vision. St. Soldier Group of institutions embrace faculty of engineering & Technology and faculty of Management. It has been established to perform this function earnestly and faithfully. Indoctrination bestows on its recipient multi-fold advantages.It helps in developing physical, intellectual, moral and spritual faculties..

This Shrine of education with its unique and spacious campus provides a milieu of peace and place for academic pursuits. It is galaxy of true teachers whose aim is to inculcate in the students agenuine passion for enlightment and creating in them the spirit of discipline, reverence, questioning and service.

We take upon overselves the responsibility of transforming the dreams and aspirations of our very dear students into reality and we assure them that we will try our level best to make their stay at this College very Congenial and pleasant.

St. Soldier Educational Society

Managing Director Message

communicators , and ethical citizens of global community.

Grounded in our commitment to engineering education innovation and interdisciplinary research, we offer our students a rich educational experience, an experience that marries intellectual rigor and cross-disciplinary breadth in an intimate, student-centered environment. Through innovative curricula, a teamwork approach, and leadership-building experiences, St. Soldier students gain vital communication and critical-thinking skills. They also benefit from the diverse cultural and intellectual climate of St. Soldier campus. Our students also avail themselves of a huge array of curricular and extracurricular activities.

I invite you to become better acquainted with the St. Soldier Institute of Engineering, Managemnet & Technology, where you will discover not only engineering excellence, but also a campus alive with round-the-clock cultural, artistic and intellectual activity.

Prof. Manhar Arora
Managing Director
St. Soldier Group of Institution

principal Message

St. Soldier Institute Of Engineering & Technology (SSIET) under the able management and leadership of Mr. Anil Chopra, Chairman , St. Soldier Educational Society with dedicated faculty, most modern infra structural facilities, laboratories, playgrounds and v-sat facilities for communication and internet is all set to create progressive and forward looking human resource to meet the emerging national and international scenario. Thus, there is a great potential for employment in these sector not only in India but also around the world.

Dr. Gurpreet Singh
St. Soldier Institute of Engineering and Technology
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